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Application of Multivariate Analyses Techniques (PCA and CA) for Evaluation of Trace Elements in the Selected Fruits of Winder Area

1Dr. Salma Hamza, 2Dr. Shahid Naseem, 3Dr. Syed Nawaz-ul-Huda, 4Dr. Farkhunda Burke, 5Dr. Erum Bashir

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

Ninety seven samples of nine different fruits were collected from various agriculture farms of Winder area, cultivated over igneous rocks of Bela Ophiolite (Cretaceous) and sedimentary rocks of Jurassic age (Ferozabad Group).In the present study Principal Component Analysis(PCA) has been employed to discriminate possible sources that influence trace element distribution in different fruits.It (PCA) revealed contribution of Mn and Ni from different segments of Bela Ophiolite, while the source of Zn and Cu is linked with MVT and Sedex-type mineralization present in the area. Cluster Analysis (CA) of different fruits organized sampling sites into two or three statistically significant groups mainly on the basis of Fe, Co, Cu and Zn concentration. Trace elements content showed wide variation in concentration with respect to sample sites and fruit type in the study area. The fruits of M. zapota (Chikoo) showed higher concentration of Fe (14mg/kg) among the other trace elements. The trace element assemblage of mango (M. indica) shows wide spread but at low magnitude. Iron (3.3mg/kg), Cr (2.6mg/kg), Zn (1.8mg/kg) and Cu (1.6mg/kg) are the main contributors. Comparatively, fruits of some locations have shown highest intake of trace elements relatively daily recommended.