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Poverty Alleviation Programmes for National Security in Nigeria

1OGUNDELE, Michael Olarewaju (Ph.D), 2OPARINDE, Raheef Olayiwola (Ph.D), 3ARIYA, Dauda Adeyemo , 4Tolutope Idowu OKE

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

Poverty is one of the greatest and most complex challenges facing humanity today. It is unfortunately that the message of poverty alleviation programmes are not appreciated by the Nigerian citizens. The after math of the poverty level resulted to unbearable social crises like armed robbery, killings, kidnapping, bombing, religious riot, human trafficking, drug abuse and thurgry, all the crises which constituted great threat to National Security in Nigeria. This paper therefore examined the concepts, causes, problems and government intervention in the poverty reduction efforts and National Security in Nigeria. The study however advocated for the integration of moral and entrepreneurship education into the school curriculum. That, the federal government should intensify efforts in youths’ empowerment and free education, at all levels. Finally, private sectors should be involved in the establishment of technical and vocational centres to train the youths in Nigeria. If done, poverty levels would be adequately alleviated and peace and security of Nigerians would be enhanced.