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Observed Classroom Practices and Academic Behavior in Physical Education 1 of Freshman Psychology and Education Students

Edna M. Bulaklak and Bernadette I. Pilobello

Journal Title:Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciences

Identifying the level of various classroom practices would provide baseline information for teachers to understand the needs of the freshmen to improve their attitude towards studies. This study aims to determine the differences of classroom practices and academic behavior between Psychology and Education Freshmen in Physical Education 1 as observed by their professor; and to test the relationship between the final grade in PE 1 and the observed classroom practices and academic behavior. Descriptive type of research method was utilized in the study. Results showed that class practices and academic behavior of Psychology and Education students were highly observed in the class of Physical Education 1. They also have very good academic performance in terms of their final grade in PE 1. Education students have significantly higher academic behavior compared to Psychology students. Students with higher level of classroom practices and academic behavior are also those students who obtained higher final grades in PE 1 and those who were observed with lower level are also those with low final grades.