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Review of Routing Techniques Driving Wireless Sensor Networks

Shuchi Sharma, Mansi Gupta, Anand Nayyar?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In recent times wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have grown enormously and become progressively attractive in wide variety of applications. Wireless sensor networks contain tiny sensor nodes. These sensor nodes have the capability of sensing, communication and computation. Many new protocols are designed for wireless sensor networks where energy, congestion, lifetime, coverage etc are essential consideration. In this paper survey of routing protocols for WSN has been done and various categories of routing protocols get explored. The main categories of routing protocols in wireless sensor network are data-centric protocols, hierarchical protocols, location based protocols, QOS aware protocol. The main aim of this paper is to conclude various routing techniques and merits and demerits of routing techniques.