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Haemoglobnin level, RBCs Indices, and iron status in pregnant females in Sudan

Enaam A. Abdelgader, Tayseer A. Diab, Anwar A. Kordofani, Sana E. Abdalla

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Because of the increased iron requirements of pregnancy and growth, pregnant women and infants are recognized as the groups most vulnerable to iron deficiency anaemia. Anaemia is considered when haemoglobin (Hb) is less than 11g/dl for pregnant women. Iron deficiency anaemia during pregnancy is associated with higher rates of premature birth and low birth weight. The aim of this study is to measure the haematological parameters in pregnant females, by measuring Hb level and RBCs indices and to determine iron status of pregnant females by measuring serum iron, total iron binding capacity, and serum ferritin. Methods: Eighty blood samples were collected from pregnant females and twenty samples from healthy women were taken as controls. Complete blood count was done using a Sysmex Kx21n Haematolobical Analyser. Peripheral blood picture was done; Serum iron, TIBC and serum ferritin were measured. Results: out of 80 pregnant females, 8 (10%) of them had low Hb level, while 72 (90%) had normal Hb level. RBC indices showed 62 (77.5%) mothers had normal MCV, while 18 (22.5%) mothers had low MCV. 63 (78.8%) had normal MCH, while 17 (21.2%) had low MCH, 78 (97.5%) had normal MCHC, while 2 (2.5%) had low MCHC. Biochemical finding in the studied anaemic pregnant females showed that 2 (25%) had normal serum ferritin, while 6 (75%) had low serum ferritin, 5 (62.5%) had normal serum iron, while 3(37.5%) had low serum iron, and 4(50%) had normal TIBC, while 4(50%) had low TIBC. Conclusion: Iron deficiency anaemia is common in Sudanese females in the child bearing age and latent anaemia is quite high (60%). Ferritin level is the best parameter for assessment of iron status, while TIBC and serum iron are unreliable during pregnancy. Combined reduction of MCV, MCH is more sensitive to detect iron deficiency anaemia while MCHC reduction comes late. Keywords: Haemoglobin, pregnancy, anaemia, iron, serum ferritin.