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Indirect Cost Of Diabetes In The Arab Region

A. Boutayeb

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Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases with a high prevalence and consequently a substantial socio-economic burden in Arab countries. In this paper, we propose for the first time an estimation of the indirect economic cost of diabetes incurred by the loss of productivity caused by disability and premature mortality due to diabetes in the Arab region. The 21 countries were divided into three income groups and the indirect cost of diabetes was estimated in each group. The total indirect cost was estimated to be around USD 72 billion whereas the average per capita indirect cost was estimated to be USD 2770, varying from USD 423 in group 3 to USD 7959 in Group 1. The huge indirect economic cost and the associated social burden stress the importance that health decision makers should give to sensitisation, early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in the Arab region where the prevalence of diabetes is very high. Key Words: Diabetes; Indirect Cost; Prevalence; Arab Countries; Productive Life Years; Disability.