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Implementation of Reversible Sequential Circuits Using Conservative Logic Gates

Dhaarinee.S, Rajeswaran.N

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Reversible circuits do not loose any information during computation. Reversible computation can be performed using reversible gates like fredkin gate, feynmann gate and toffoli gate. It has unique output vector for each input vector and has one to one mapping between the inputs and outputs. The existing system is designed using fredkin gate and they are cascaded in series or parallel using the characteristic equation of each reversible gate. In the proposed system sequential circuits like master slave flip-flop and edge triggered flip-flop are designed using toffoli gate which is universal in nature. These circuits have less power dissipation and are used in applications like quantum computing, digital signal processing, cryptography nanotechnology and testing. The circuit can detect stuck at fault using two test vectors 0 and 1.