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Nurses Contribution in Research: Barriers and Solutions

Nurses Contribution in Research: Barriers and Solutions

Ms. Maryam Alkhalaf1 *, Dr. Rita Anderson2 , Dr. Petro Basson3 and Dr. Adel Harb4

Journal Title:Journal of Nursing And Healthcare

Background: Nursing Research is one of the pillars for improving nursing care. Motivating nurses to contribute in research and evidence based practice will improve their productivity and satisfaction that will improve patient clinical outcome and satisfaction. Aim: This study was conducted to investigate the barriers among nurses in Saudi Arabia to contribute in nursing research and to provide some strategies or solutions for these barriers. Method: An electronic self-administered questionnaire was developed and distributed to nursing staff in Eastern Province Ministry of Health hospitals. Results: 480 surveys were collected and the data analyzed. The participants indicated that they value research and are willing to take part in it. However, several barriers were identified that limited their participation in research including lack of time, administration support and lack of research capacity and infrastructure. Affordable education opportunities, more funding resources, and access to databases and libraries were the most recommended solutions to increase nurses’ participation in conducting research and utilizing Evidence Based Practice. Conclusion: Further efforts are needed from High Authority toward increasing nursing research. Nursing research must be on the top priorities of the Ministry of Health agenda and must be a senior management strategic goal. Further qualitative and quantitative research is needed to explore more barriers and provide more mechanisms in motivating nurses toward research.