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Emerging Influenza Viruses at Risk in Global Health

Emerging Influenza Viruses at Risk in Global Health

Giulio Tarro*

Journal Title:Journal of Clinical And Experimental Immunology

Since the emergence of a novel aquatic bird Flu agent in humans may be detected in near future, approaches to early diagnosis and prompt therapy are welcome. The swine-origin influenza virus (S-OIV) detected in April 2009 in Mexico, Canada and USA exhibited an unique genome composition not shown before. The emerging new Flu agent can cause outbreaks of febrile respiratory infection from mild to severe diseases throughout the world. This abstract has the purpose to emphasize the possibility of tracking the new influenza virus in the most affected regions of the world and to avoid a sad toll flu-related deaths that might occur. The possible causes of high incidence and mortality rates are discussed as well as their implications on the public opinion and the prevention campaign.