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A Quality Improvement Project to Increase the Rate of HPV Vaccination Initiation in Adolescents

A Quality Improvement Project to Increase the Rate of HPV Vaccination Initiation in Adolescents

Olivia Stranges

Journal Title:Journal of Clinical And Experimental Immunology

The vaccination rate of the human papilloma virus vaccine [9vHPV] is low, with only 63% of eligible females and 50% eligible males receiving the vaccine in 2016. The aim of this quality improvement project was to increase the initiation rate of HPV vaccination at Smyrna Pediatrics by 20%, from 3.6% to 4.3% over four weeks. Two physicians, one nurse practitioner, and two medical assistants implemented this quality improvement initiative. There is a lack of education and standardized communication about HPV and 9vHPV to prevent against the virus. A standardized script was created so that all conversations between healthcare professionals and patients and their parents or guardians included the wording of the 9vHPV being recommended rather than optional. Educational material from the CDC was the standard handout given to each adolescent and their parent or guardian. Standardized education and communication was to be provided at each adolescent visit of the 125 eligible adolescents seen during the four-week implementation period, 4% (n = 5) agreed to receive the 9vHPV vaccine. With a baseline of 3.6% (n = 4), there was an 11.1% increase of initiation of 9vHPV. The use of standardized education documents presented to all patients and their parents or guardians established health education as the mainstay of the project and provided information about the importance of prevention and protection from the virus that the vaccine prevents. The implementation of results over a longer period of time may prove to be more effective for the practice’s increase of vaccination rates overall.