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Bitter Gourd relish and Pulse Rate Relationship

Bitter Gourd relish and Pulse Rate Relationship

Imran Qadir and Maryam Farooq*

Journal Title:Journal of Clinical And Experimental Immunology

The objective of present project “Bitter Gourd relish and Pulse Rate Relationship” was to investigate the normal pulse rate of subjects and relate with likeliness of bitter gourd. Subjects that took part in this project were 219 in number. Pulse rate is a means of physical examination of patient’s body and diagnosing the problem. Pulse rate is the beats (blood pumping to body) of heart in a minute. The status (regular, fast, low, strong) of pulse indicated the physical state of subject. Bitter gourd, a vegetable enrich in phytonutrient, anti-oxidants, dietary fiber and vitamin C, also disliked by subjects because of its bitterness. A protocol was followed to find a relationship for pulse rate measurement and questionnaire. Assistance of every subject helped in survey completion. Results were obtained by t-Test and relationship was observed that helped in doing conclusion. P-value was nonsignificant which meant no relation between bitter gourd and pulse rate measurement.