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Blood Oxygen Level Plays Vital Role in Regulating Skin Texture

Blood Oxygen Level Plays Vital Role in Regulating Skin Texture

Muhammad Imran Qadir and Hira Raheem Akbar*

Journal Title:Journal of Clinical And Experimental Immunology

The objective of present study was the assessment of role played by blood oxygen level in skin type. The basic purpose of my project was to investigate relation between blood oxygen level and skin texture. Blood oxygen level can also be termed as Peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2 ) or Oxygen Saturation Level. Peripheral Oxygen saturation is defined as the proportion of oxygen-concentrated hemoglobin corresponds to the total hemoglobin (concentrated + non-concentrated) in the blood. The human body needs and maintains a very proportionate and peculiar balance of oxygen in the blood. 95–100 percent is considered as normal blood oxygen levels in humans Hypoxemia is a condition which occurs when blood oxygen level becomes less than 90 percent. Skin type also known as skin texture, refers to the surface of skin which is either regular or irregular. There are many significant types of skin. Dry skin texture appears to be rough but smooth. Oily skin type is shiny. Normal skin type is healthy and fresh skin and it appears to be very consistent. It was found from results that blood oxygen level plays an important role in determining the skin texture of body. It has become clear that when need of tissues is fulfilled by oxygen, there will be no pigmentation and skin will be fresh, young and healthy