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Extracorporeal Immunotherapy in Oncology

Extracorporeal Immunotherapy in Oncology

Voinov VA*, Orlov SV, Karchevskii KS and Isaulov OV

Journal Title:Journal of Clinical And Experimental Immunology

Tumors development is closely related to the immune system state and in immunosuppression tumors occur many times more often. The quality of the immune defense depends on how the recognition system functions for malignized tumor cells and its timely destruction. However, the immunosuppression state may be a result of the tumor process itself. The tumor itself generates soluble molecules that inhibit the killer activity of lymphocytes and macrophages, which allows tumor cells to survive in the body. Therefore, it is justified to perform apheresis therapy aimed at removal of such inhibitors, and targeted restoration of cytotoxic activity of leukocytes, which should contribute to the tumor cells apoptosis. This method of extracorporeal immunopharmacotherapy is indicated not only in far-advanced cases, but also after any radical operations, when metastases are not detected and even chemotherapy is not carried out.