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Anticancer Activity of Acetone Extract of Quercus infectoria Olivier Fagaceae in 1,2 Dimethyl Hydrazine Induced Colon Cancer

Roshni P S1, Ramesh. K G2*

Journal Title:International Journal of Cancer Studies & Research (IJCR)

Quercus infectoria Olivier (Fagaceae) which contains abundant amount of hydrolysable tannins and traces of gallic acid, ellagic acid and sitosterol is reported to be effective in inflammatory bowel disease. In the present study, chemopreventive potential of acetone extract of Q. infectoria (AEQI) 450 mg/kg was assessed in 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (DMH) (20 mg/kg) induced colon cancer. DMH produced significant development of aberrant crypts (AC) and aberrant crypt foci (ACF) associated with loss of body weight and high mortality. Treatment of rats with AEQI not olnly prevented development of AC and ACF but also reduced mortality and loss of body weight. There was a significant increase in oxidative stress (increase in MDA, MPO, NO and decrease in SOD) as well as TNF ?, TGF ? and VEGF. Treatment with AEQI decreased not only oxidative stress but also oxidative stress and inflammatory factors. Our data suggest that Q. infectoria possesses potential anti carcinogenic activity against colon cancer. Decrease in growth factors and anti oxidant activity may be responsible for this anti carcinogenic effect.