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Result Analysis for LBP and Shape Context Methodologies used as Authentication Mechanisms of Digital Signatures used for Certification?

Shraddha Kulkarni, Prof. Vikrant Chole

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Signature is very important attribute which is mostly used for financial document Certification and personal identification. So it is necessary to check authentication and genuineness of that signature. In literature most of the signature verification methods verifies that whether test signature is perfectly aligned to the specified axis or not. If not then that method rejects that signature even though it may be genuine. Here, implemented technique verifies the signature size and angle invariant. The invariance can be calculated by scaling and rotational manipulations on the test image. In this paper proposed methodology shape context involves, cropping signature image from cheque, gray scale image conversion, Edge detection of image, Binarization of image which is then localized and compared with the account holders source of information then it authenticate that cheque and clarify.