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Effect of the Vacuum Packaging on the Shelf Life of Lakerda

D. Kocatepe1, H. Turan2*, C.O. Altan2, G. Gknar2

Journal Title:International Journal of Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics (IJFS)

In this research, shelf life of lakerda in stretch film (A group) and vacuum packages (B group) stored for56 days at 42C after the ripening and dry salting was compared. The quality control of the packaged lakerda were carried out by analyses of pH value, water activity (Aw), TVB-N, TBARS, total mesophilic (TMB) and total psychotropic (TPB) bacterial counts. The initial pH, Aw, TBARs, TVB-N value, TMB and TPB counts of lakerda were; 6.02, 0.74, 6.02 mg MDA/kg, 17.31 mg/100g, 3.68LogCFU/g and 2.61 LogCFU/g, respectively. The lakerda packed with stretch film and vacuum packs, did not exceed the limits for acceptability 35mg/100g of TVB-N during the storage periods. While the TBARs values, TMB and TBP counts of B groups did not exceed the limits for acceptability 8mg MDA/kg and 6LogCFU/g, respectively, throughout the storage period, the TBARs value of A group exceed the acceptability limit at 14th day. According to the all analyses results, vacuum packaging compared to stretch film significantly increased shelf life of lakerda (P