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Effect of Oregano Herb on Dough Rheology and Bread Quality

Dhillon G K 1*, Ahluwalia P1*, Kaur A 11

Journal Title:International Journal of Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics (IJFS)

The effect of addition of oregano at 1, 2, 3 and 4 % in formulation was examined in order to obtain herbal, antioxidantenriched bread with good baking, textural, nutritional and sensorial properties. Oregano was found tobe rich in crude fibre (17.43%), total phenol content (87.80 GAE/100g DW) and antioxidant activity (84.80%)which strengthens its use as a functional food. Farinograms obtained after addition of oregano suggested that oregano increased water absorption and dough development time. A significant decrease in dough stability was also observed. Therefore, little modifications were done in baking procedure to prepare oregano bread. Increasing levels of oregano increased the baking absorption and specific volume of the bread. From sensory point of view 2% level of oregano in the bread was selected as best. Oregano bread was high in total phenolics content (TPC) and radical scavenging activity (RSA). Result suggested that oregano up to 2% level in bread can be added without any major change in baking and sensory properties along with better shelf life.