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Prevention of Session Hijacking and IP Spoofing With Sensor Nodes and Cryptographic Approach?

Krunal P. Bhaturkar?, Prof. Karuna G. Bagde?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Many web applications available today make use of some way of session to be able to communicate between the server and client. Unfortunately, it is possible for an attacker to exploit session in order to impersonate another user at a web application. The session hijacking is the most common type of attack in the infrastructure type of network. The confidentially is not providing under this attack to user information. Session hijacking attack is launched by making fake access point. If we detect the fake access point then we can stop session hijacking, and various techniques had been proposed. In this paper, we are giving a new mechanism to detect the fake access point with the use of sensor nodes in the network. In this mechanism we are also giving the protection against IP Spoofing by the use of public private key cryptography key exchange algorithm. We also discuss the results through simulations in Network Simulator.