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A Simplified Review on Study and Implementation of Recognizing Terrorist by Rapid Detection by Activities and their Facial Match

Ritu Kanwa, Samit Yadav?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Security is an important aspect in all environments. It is related to safety. Our Topic Study and implementation of Recognizing Terrorist by rapid detection by activities and their facial match proposed for various kinds of faces is presented in this paper. To recognize terrorist is one of the major task of any government agency. The implementation of it is one of the most influential works of human kind. Our approach is to find the facial detection and activities of people for fifteen second video capture. Every people come under the camera recognize each separately. Its activity matches with record of each suspect and facial is one of the most important and it match with every mean of change. Even after plastic surgery it can also predict. The study of face recognition falls into three methods such as face normalization, feature extraction and face matching.