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Cyber Space: A Site of Struggle and Release

Dr. Binod Mishra

Journal Title:International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach & Studies

Cyber Revolution today seems to have an edge over Cultural Revolution in myriad ways. Life without technology appears like a dreary desert devoid of energy and vibrancies. The slavish nature of cyber world has necessitated everyone to keep pace with the changing world, leading us to depend on (genetically modified food, mineral water, iodized salt, pesticide-bred vegetables, and adulterated sweets) various means of artificial life. While cyber world has added colours to life, it is fast approaching as an identity marker where fiction takes over fact especially with the younger generation. The change of entire cultural outfit of the world has also transformed the epistemic realities of the pragmatic order by overhauling the crest of power politics. It is time for all of us as stakeholders to realize how we can keep pace with the changing realities and balance the topsy-turvy of the world linguistically, psychologically, without discouraging the advancing wings of technology, which has become a living reality.