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Humanity vs. Hatred during Partition in Khushwant Singhs novel Train to Pakistan

Anubha Sharma

Journal Title:International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach & Studies

The Partition of India, which took place in August 1947 with the emergence of Independence, divided the country in two new nations i.e. India and Pakistan. This incidence devastated the life of innumerable people who were forced to migrate and even many of them lost their lives in the process. This horrific event is marked not only in the history of India and Pakistan but also in the world history. The communal fanaticism and frustration of losing their loved ones made the people forget their sense of humanity, compassion and love. Khuswant Singh has very aptly portrayed the psychology and the actual condition of the common people who suffered the havoc of Partition through his novel Train to Pakistan. The Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs who used to live with each other in brotherhood before Partition failed to have the same feelings of unity as well as harmony for each other during Partition. But at that time of chaos also there were some people who sacrificed their life to save the victims and proved that however strong the feeling of hatred is but it could never overpower love and humanity.