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Study of Nano-Particle based Pesticides as an Alternative to Conventional Pesticides

Divya Ahuti Chaturvedi

Journal Title:International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach & Studies

Recent development in nano science have opened up new direction in chemistry to allow the synthesis of new nano-materials which could not be obtained by conventional means. This shows application in various fields. Nano particles have been used as a physical approach to alter and improve the effect in the properties of some types of synthetic chemical pesticides or in the production of bio-pesticides directly. This paper aims to study the use of nanopesticides in an eco-friendly way. The present paper examines the toxicity due to chemical pesticides within the environment and it discuss the type of toxicity possible. The paper also argues that the application of eco-friendly, pesticides and Nano- based pesticides should be feasible. It concludes that to minimize the hazardous effect of pesticides , attempt should be made to develop plant based pesticides as a safe alternative and for better result.