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Kanwar Bhan

Journal Title:Global Journal of Engineering Science and Research Management (GJESRM)

It is matter of concern to mark the presence of mankind on the earths surface and subsequent modification carried out on it. That may be realized through the interpretation of destruction caused to our forest wealth, biological loss, population growth also put severe pressure on the agricultural resources. In the due course of action we have caused lot of destruction to the ecology. Disaster may occur either naturally or due to man- made factors but their severity may be scaled down in terms of loss made to property and human lives. So it become so pertinent to provide a detail account of the geographical setting of Indian-sub continent which is so diversified in terms of relief, climate, water resources and agricultural potential that led to regional variations in context of employment generation and magnitude of natural furies like tropical cyclone( Hudhud and Nilofar) , drought, earthquakes. The vulnerability of Indian society provide account of the statistical estimates that about 40 per cent area is prone to earth quakes of varied intensities, 40 million hectares fall within the zone of floods, and 68 per cent experience drought conditions. The applied aspect of scientific know how prove to be vital to minimize the disasters impact upon humanity is a matter of immense consideration. The level of economic and social development play significant role in handling the relief and rehabilitation programme to the victims. The interdisciplinary approach to be positively imbibes in vital consideration of the area specific plan and policies that mock drill or participation of community in rehabilitation and relief programmes to be ensured. Over a couple of years successive government had adopted casual approach to deal with the natural disaster with special emphasis upon the mitigation aspect. That involves the three prong strategy that prevention, preparedness and mitigation. The urgent need arise to put great emphasis upon the awareness campaign with frequently organized programs of such order. In order to be familiar with peculiarities of disaster management and dissemination of new method and techniques to familiarizes the people about that. The host of problems associated with the disaster management in India to be addressed within the socio-economic framework of community in study.