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Advance Reservation of Resources in Workflow System?

Lalit?, Dr. Hardeep Singh?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

This is related to reserve the resource in advance in Workflow scheduling of cloud computing. The problem with the traditional allocation of resource is that the resource may be not available when needed and the requested application will be rejected. To overcome this problem, an advance reservation technique is used. Various techniques are used to reserve the resource in advance such as ECA rule, HAARS, Co-coordinator based, Neighborhood etc. There are two main factor of resource reservation in advance 1) Start time of Resource Allocation 2) Resource utilization Time. This paper shows new approach based on time system which are used in grid system but not in workflow system. The implementation of this paper is done in Netbeans technology. This paper also shows the existing technology for the advance reservation of resources and also purposed new methodology for the advance reservation of resource.