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Publisher Name Innovative Publication
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Language English
Starting Year 2015
Discipline Medical Journal, Microbiology Research Journal.
Frequency Quaterly
Website http://www.innovativepublication.com/journal_detail.php?jid=9
Country India
Accessing Method Open Access Free
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License Type Priority
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Description Indian Journal of Microbiology Research (IJMR) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with reputable academics and experts as members of its Editorial Board. IJMR publishes information on basic and applied microbiology for a worldwide readership. It publishes original research papers, short communications, critical reviews and opinion letters dealing with all fields of microbiology and it addresses the international scientific community. The special fields covered are microorganisms (eukaryotes: protoctists, moulds, yeast; prokaryotes: bacteria, cyanobacteria, archaea; viruses, prions), microbial biology (physiology, ecology, morphology, taxonomy, genetics, pathogenesis) and microbial applications (environmental, soil, industrial, food, medical microbiology, biodeterioration, bioremediation, biotechnology).

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