E-ISSN 2312-1327
Publisher Name the Irkutsk Branch of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation
Email sazonova2010@mail.ru
Language Russian, English
Starting Year 2014
Discipline Multidisciplinary
Frequency Quaterly
Website http://ce.if-mstuca.ru
Country Russian Federation
Accessing Method Online
Articles Format PDF
License Type Normal
Impact Factor

Not Indexed

Description International informational and analytical journal ?Crede Experto: transport, society, education, language? (IIAJ ?Crede Experto?). The important results of fundamental and applied researches of the Russian and foreign leading scientists are published in the journal. At the same time the Editorials welcome unfledged researchers. The concept of the journal ?Crede Experto?: transport, society, education, language is defined by the modern tendecies of the scientific search, namely a polydisciplinary character of scientific knowledge, innovative research approaches and practical significance of scientific works. The journal covers the topical issues of the modern humanitarian, natural and technical sciences. It is a multilingual (Buryat, Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Kazakh, Chinese, Yakut, Tajik, Kirghiz, Uzbek, Tatar, Polish, German, Korean, Mongol, Tuvinian, Bashkir, English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Italian, Japanese, Khakas, Czech) quarterly-issued scientific journal. The journal has been published since 2014. Its volume is 50 mb, formatted as a web page.

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