Proceedings of Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Conference

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E-ISSN 2371-4085
P-ISSN 2371-4085
Publisher Name QIRT Council
Language English
Starting Year 1992
Discipline InfraRed Thermography, Non-Destructive Testing
Frequency Yearly
Country Canada
Accessing Method Free Online Archives
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1.616 (2017-2018)
Description Researchers have been familiar with infrared thermography for many years now. This technique took many fields by storm, sometimes to wither shortly after. While the beauty of thermographic images and the ease of getting them could explain the success of this technique, the difficulty of getting accurate measurements using "thermal cameras" has caused a certain disaffection toward it. "The Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Journal (QIRT) provides a forum for industry and academia to discuss the latest developments of instrumentation, theoretical and experimental practices, data reduction, and image processing related to infrared thermography." - QIRT Conferences on even years since 1992, QIRT Asia added in 2015 for odd years.